Converting growth to value since 2005

Globalica invests in global, early stage technology companies. Since 2005, company has provided entrepreneurs with the financial, managerial and informational resources to elevate their local, emerging market startups to a global competitive level.

About us

Company is a privately owned investment company investing in diversified portfolio of quoted and unquoted securities of companies, which are engaged in various businesses with a history of strong operating and financial performance.

The typical investment approach of the Company will be to seek a combination of value and growth. Company also invests in early stage technology companies and startups. Portfolio consists of companies active in automotive, services, software, consulting and other fields.

As a holding , company’s approach is to back category leaders in large markets, with the intention of mobilizing significant future rounds of capital as portfolio companies grow.

Globalica maintains research expertise in industry sectors where there are enduring growth prospects and attractive valuations. Understanding the ‘story’ of many companies within an industry permits to draw analogies and to delve into contrasts, helping to determine which companies have the best business models.

Our brands

Company holds several brands in different businesses.

Brand Description
X50 Automotive spare parts and accessories manufacturer.
Logistral Logistics company, providing 4PL services.
Katori Customer service and support company. So far their operators speak 6 languages and work 24/7.
Common Sense Solutions Business consulting company, specializing in practical TOC implementations throughout the world.
MainWay Software tools for 4PL development company.


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